Is Titanium Dioxide in sunscreen safe for your skin?

Sep 2, 2019 6:00:14 AM | Written by Tracy Ahern

As consumers sort out the different environmental factors that claim to have a devastating impact on skin health, sunscreen and UV protection still remain the number one focus for many. As our understanding of how detrimental sun exposure can be to our skin grows, so does the interest for efficient, safe and reliable sunscreens formulations.

On The Go Natural Mineral Powder Sunscreen uses a key inorganic sun filter which is now used in many natural sun care applications, titanium dioxide was recently under the spotlight of European regulators. It is considered the ingredient of choice in terms of safety for formulations intended for babies and sensitive skin, as organic sun filters are being questioned for their potential toxicity and endocrine disruption.

On The Go Natural Mineral Powder Sunscreen has chosen to use a Titanium Dioxide that has the absence of nanoparticles, making our finished product “non-nano” (the disadvantage of this can be the whitening look, however decreasing the particle size to lessen the white look is not safe). The formulation that we have created safely allows for a broad UV absorption, allowing you to be free of worry when using On The Go Natural Mineral Powder Sunscreen.

We feel there is a real need for a simple product that can be easily accessible to top up your make-up and sun protection throughout the day, no matter what your lifestyle and feel comfortable and safe at the same time.

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