All about Dr. Au Concentrates Anti-Ageing Face Oil 1

Dec 17, 2018 2:31:03 PM | Written by Tracy Ahern

Why we love it

Au Natural Skinfood’s Vegan Certified Anti-Ageing Face Oil is rich in New Zealand naturally derived ingredients that moisturise, lift and plump your skin, helping to minimise the signs of ageing. Harakeke seed oil, Moringa oil and Lakesis are only some of the ingredients that will awaken the proteins of youth in your skin, maintaining a healthy living environment for your skin cells, which is the key to a younger-looking and healthy skin. This is a dry oil that absorbs perfectly to leave the skin soft, with no oil residue. It is perfect for oily skins, as it hydrates while neutralising and slowing down the production of sebum.

Key Facts

Face oil is often considered a time consuming, unnecessary step in a skincare routine. With the creation of Dr Au Concentrates Anti-Ageing Face Oil 1, the team at Au Natural conceived a product that truly boosts the power of your anti-ageing routine and that makes the skin healthy and naturally strong. The concentrated ingredients in our Anti-Ageing Face Oil work in perfect harmony with the Au Natural range. It is deliciously fragranced with natural vanilla seed extract.

How to use

Dot 4-5 drops of Au Natural’s Anti-Ageing Face Oil 1 directly onto your face and gently rub in in circular motion. Apply morning and night after using Au Natural’s Remove - Gentle Facial Cleanser and Prepare- Brightening Lotion. Let the oil dry on your skin for a few seconds before applying AM – Day Serum or PM – Night Crème.


  • Apply a few drops on stretch marks to help reduce redness and to stimulate repair.
  • Use to repair and soften cuticles.
  • Add a drop or two to your moisturiser to boost the nourishment.