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Aug 23, 2018 8:00:59 AM | Written by Tracy Ahern

Why we love it

Au Natural Skinfood’s AM Day Serum is designed to use in the morning.  This serum is blended with concentrated, enriching ingredients to target your skin concerns powerfully and safely.  Each one of the ingredients in this serum has a mission-  New Zealand Ponga fern has been for centuries used for wound healing, this unique ingredient will give your skin an instant lift and will help form an elastic, resistant and continuous film which tightens the skin immediately. Its lightweight texture and scent, makes anti-aging skin therapy a pleasure driven ritual for the senses, and prepares you for the day ahead.  Your skin will be left feeling tight and soft, making this serum the perfect primer for foundation application.

Key facts

Using a combination of Active 16+ Manuka honey and powerful antioxidants, this day serum protects, nourishes and plumps skin of all types, while maintaining your natural moisture balance.

This product, like all in the Au Natural Skinfood range, uses high-quality natural ingredients, and replaces chemical components with natural alternatives wherever possible, to ensure skin is fed with only the best.

When used regularly, and in tandem with other products from the Au Natural range, it will work to reduce the appearance of fine lines, firm and tighten skin to combat sagging, and leave an overall appearance of plumper, more toned skin. It is also ideal for the treatment of problematic skin.

AM Day Serum is made exclusively with New Zealand natural ingredients.

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Au Natural Skinfood’s Day Serum is the perfect skin primer for foundation application.

For full results, be sure not to neglect the neck and jawline areas.

How to use

This serum has a silky texture that will soak deliciously into your skin. You only need a small amount as the crème will spread easily.  Dot the product over the area to be treated and gently rub into your skin.

Apply also to the neck and décolleté for firmer, more supple skin.

Key ingredients

New Zealand Active 16+ Manuka Honey

Calms and softens the skin, while reducing redness.

New Zealand Ponga Fern

Thanks to its healing properties strengthens and firms the skin.

New Zealand Grape Seed Extract

Rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants.

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