Disrupting the Cosmetics Industry

Jul 16, 2018 7:07:21 AM | Written by Tracy Ahern

Au Natural Skinfood is providing world-class skincare without contributing to pollution. Are you looking for ethical, sustainable, and green beauty alternatives?

Single use plastic bottles are one of the largest individual contributors to the plastic pollution problem the world currently faces. Recent statistics out of the United Kingdom show that roughly one million plastic bottles are purchased globally every single minute, a figure that is only projected to rise in the coming years. With the overwhelming majority of these bottles ending up in landfills, and some even finding their way into our oceans and other waterways, consumers are beginning to realise that something drastic needs to change in order to staunch the endless flow of plastic waste. Slowly, as a result, we are seeing regulations being tightened surrounding plastic bags, bottles, and even straws.

Now, it seems pressure is mounting for the same expectations to be placed on the beauty industry, who also produce copious amounts of plastic packaging on an annual basis in the forms of the containers, tubes, and bottles that our favourite skincare and cosmetic products are packaged in. Unwilling to accept that beauty must-haves come at the cost of the environment and of their own health, consumers are actively looking for ethical, sustainable, and green alternatives.

At Au Natural, we made a bold decision when we opted to completely avoid single-use plastic at all points in our process, from design to manufacturing to packaging. We are committed to providing world-class skincare without contributing to pollution and other issues.

Our team is extremely proud to be pioneers in the cosmetic industry leading us into a plastic-free movement. We hope to see others embracing the change and look forward to pollution-free beauty being the norm.

Au Natural Skinfood is, quality, natural skincare made easy, delivered to your door, that feeds your skin and looks after our planet by eliminating single use bottles.

Join the #AuNaturalRevolution and part of the change.