Ingredients under the microscope: Grapeseed extract

Feb 4, 2019 4:26:12 PM | Written by Tracy Ahern

Grapeseed extract has a long history of use for health purposes, dating right back to ancient Greece. In those times, it was used to treat various ailments including infections, inflammations, and digestive issues. The reason these ancient civilisations found the extract so effective is largely due to its high natural concentration of resveratrol, a compound which is known to boost the immune system, and improve blood circulation.

The extract itself can be obtained by pressing the seeds of wine grapes, which Au Natural ethically sources from manufacturers in New Zealand’s South Island, an area globally recognised for the quality of its wine.

Grapeseed extract is a key ingredient in a number of Au Natural products, including our AM Day Serum and PM Night Crème. We harness not only its circulation-boosting properties, which help to naturally and gently improve the overall health and condition of your skin, but also for its unique ability to fight free radicals – rogue molecules which break down healthy cells and contribute to ageing. Due to its high levels of resveratrol and vitamin C, grapeseed oil is a strong defender of your skin, as it fights ageing from within while also encouraging the healing and repair of damaged or broken skin.

If you want to give grapeseed extract a go, why not try incorporating it into your beauty routine. Both our AM Day Serum and PM Night Crème feature this wellness-boosting ingredient to ensure your skin feels the benefit of it 24 hours a day.