It’s Official: Au Natural has partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand!

Feb 12, 2019 4:35:37 PM | Written by Tony Ahern

The Team at Au Natural Skinfood are absolutely delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand. There have been many successes along our sustainability journey, but this could well be our most meaningful and the partnership was certainly not entered lightly.  As we continue to grow we hope not only to support the the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand. financially, but also to encourage our team and members to roll up their sleeves and plant more trees in New Zealand, mentoring our youth on living sustainably along the way.


If we imagine – for only  a moment — a world that has acted on single-use plastics and moved into a ‘new plastics economy’.

The plastics issue captured the attention of policy makers, businesses and civil society across the world, developed and developing countries alike. There was collective, globally coordinated action:

Waste management systems were improved across Africa and developing Asia, financed in part from funds made available by more developed countries.

We shifted to a circular economy and saved billions of dollars by successfully incentivising recycling + decoupling plastic production from fossil fuels.

We fundamentally redesigned ‘small-format’ plastic packaging, and invented recyclable alternatives to ‘multi-material’ plastic packaging.

Globally, we activated new delivery models based on reusable packaging, and we replaced most plastic carrier bags with reusable alternatives.

Consumer-led campaigns rid the world of specific single-use plastics such as utensils and straws, and encouraged the reuse of plastic bags en masse. The movement quickly spread to consumer bottles…

Be part of the solution, not the problem

The team at Aú Natural Skinfood knew there was a better, less damaging way to produce and package products, so created an innovative plan to reduce waste throughout the entire process or your purchase, from design to development to delivery.

  • We reduced the packaging size by 75% - less wasteful and lighter to ship.
  • Products are packaged in chic aluminium bottles and stored in a tin case.
  • Even in the manufacturing process, all products are handled with reusable cotton shopping bags, reducing both plastic waste, and our carbon footprint.
  • Your order is delivered in a 100% home compostable courier bag.

The most innovative part, however, is this: all products come in 100% reusable containers that can be refilled from delivered sachets, rather than replaced.

By slashing the amount of packaging, we manufacture, and using sustainable alternatives, our carbon footprint is dramatically reduced.

Au Natural Skinfood – Natural skincare, made easy, delivered to your door, that feeds your skin and looks after our planet, by eliminating single use plastic bottles!

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