Reusing Au Natural's shipping materials

Aug 21, 2018 8:00:24 AM | Written by Tracy Ahern

Reducing waste is at the forefront of people’s minds. So much of the waste we produce is as a result of our deeply ingrained convenience culture – think of how readily we use and discard takeaway coffee cups, plastic milk and water bottles and disposable cutlery, when permanent, reusable options are available. In order to help ourselves and environment long term, we need to make a mindset shift back to well-made, long-lasting alternatives, which means breaking a few convenience-based habits along the way.

At Au Natural Skinfood, our mindful packaging is purposefully designed to reduce waste – we use aluminium product containers instead of plastic and opt for recyclable materials at every turn, at the same time we’re also committed to helping you find ways to reuse the packaging you do receive.

Here are a few hints for how you can make the very most out of our products – hopefully this eye for upcycling will help you in other areas, too!

- The aluminium tin you receive your skincare kit in has a multitude of other uses, from a handy storage tin or first-aid kit to a hard-wearing lunch box. You can even line it with baking paper and use it as a baking tin for your next cake or loaf.

- The courier bag you receive your delivery in is already 100% home compostable, but could also be repurposed as an effective bin liner, or when planting a tree use as a protector for your baby plant, as the tree grows, your protector will compost down and slowly disintegrate.

-  The cotton supermarket tote protecting your products in your kit instead of bubble wrap or unethical paper can be used for grocery shopping, as a swimming bag for your children, the uses are endless.

We purposefully keep paper packaging to a minimum, any paper or card you receive from us can be easily composted, letting you nourish your garden with organic material, or feed your worms in your worm farm.  If you don’t already have a compost bin established, it’s super easy to do so – we’ll have more tips on getting yours started in an upcoming feature. In the mean time, find out more on how Au Natural works and on our Promise to the Planet.