Top ingredients to avoid when stocking up on beauty products

Jan 22, 2019 6:57:18 AM | Written by Maria Giulia Virgolini

Photo by Tegan Seymour from Permanent Procrastinantion @teegly

Source: Stuff & Beauty Heaven

We recently came across an article published by Stuff and Beauty Heaven with a list of potentially harmful chemicals that you might expose your skin to by using the most common skincare products. The good news is - none of these ingredients are present in any of Au Natural Skinfood’s products!

Since our very beginning, we made a promise to design a range, that is kind to the planet and even kinder to people’s skin, whilst giving a clear breakdown of the ingredients chosen, and an honest overview of the process behind our brand and formulations. New Zealand’s abundance of powerful botanicals and effective ingredients definitely helped!

It is also wonderful to see that mainstream media is taking the health concerns linked to commercial products more seriously and are focused on educating and informing people. Here’s an extract of the article. Click here to read the full article.

“ Ethanolamine compounds DEA, TEA, and MEA

Used in shampoos, body washes and soaps, these emulsifiers and foaming agents can be extremely drying for your skin and hair. Look out for these hard-to-pronounce ingredients on your product labels: Triethanolamine, diethanolamine, DEA, TEA, cocamide DEA, cocamide MEA, DEA-cetyl phosphate, DEA oleth-3 phosphate, lauramide DEA, linoleamide MEA, myristamide DEA, oleamide DEA, stearamide MEA, TEA-lauryl sulfate [2].

Synthetic fragrances

They may smell good in your lotions and potions but synthetic fragrances are often made up of thousands of artificial chemicals and are a common skin irritant. Look for products fragranced with essential oils instead (though beware that essential oils, although natural, can still be irritating on the skin). If in doubt, always patch test first if you're purchasing from a store where samples are available.

Petroleum jelly or petrolatum

In case you're wondering, yes, petroleum jelly is derived from the same substance from which your motor oil is made. Commonly used in skincare products, it hides behind many names including xylene, toluene, mineral oil and liquid paraffin and can be carcinogenic if not properly refined.

Urea and DMDM Hydantoin

These preservatives help to hold product formulas together as well as prevent bacteria and fungal growth. However, they're also formaldehyde releasers which can sensitise skin and cause headaches.

Lead or lead oxide

Banned for use in lipstick in Europe, lead is used by some brands to give your lippy its red colour. Eek!