Ugly vegetables - good or bad for us?

Mar 11, 2019 11:22:07 AM | Written by Tracy Ahern

Having recently watched a Jamie Oliver programme where he was encouraging people to eat and buy “ugly fruit and vegetables”, I reflected on many conversations we have had about this very topic.  Having raised my children on a lifestyle property, it also occurred to me how many times we had laughed and talked about irregular or funny shaped fruit and veg.

Take a large tomato perfectly spherical (probably hydroponically grown) for example and compare it to many of the organically grown smaller irregular shaped tomatoes in my garden, cut both tomatoes in half and do a taste test, mine definitely tastes better, warm, sun kissed, juicy and intense flavour.  In my world taste over beauty wins every time!

Every year it is reported that 2.9 trillion pounds of food gets dumped, this is according to the food and Agricultural organisation of the United Nations, “ugly food” is a big part of the problem. The EU, until recently imposed rules on the length, size and condition of what fruit and vegetables retailers could sell.

A recent article that I read states that in 1951, an adult woman could meet her daily requirements of vitamin A by eating two peaches, by 2002 she would need to eat 53 peaches to obtain the same amount of vitamin A.  Pretty scary really, I think the underlying message is, if you are like me, feeding a family and worried about nutrition, then we should go back to basics, grow our own or buy locally grown “ugly” fruit and on a human note lets stop throwing out good food that looks “ugly”.  Perhaps there is a greater influence that cosmetic manufacturers could have in using wasted fruit and vegetables rejected for eating and use these for key extracts needed for natural cosmetics.   It is important to remember that healthy skin needs to be a combination of quality ingredients both eaten orally and applied topically.

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