Why we’re saying no to nanotechnology

May 8, 2019 9:41:54 AM | Written by Tracy Ahern

Nanotechnology is one of the scientific world’s newest breakthroughs and is currently being widely lauded for the advancements, it’s allowing scientists to make a wide range of fields. While the scientific jargon can be baffling, there are a few important things you need to know about this emerging form of technology, to help you understand why, at Au Natural Skinfood, we’re not incorporating any nano-science into our products.

At its core, nano-technology or nano-science is about breaking atoms down into microscopic particles – some as small as 1 8000th of the width of a human hair – and using these tiny structures to make improvements at a molecular level to the science of healthcare, manufacturing, and construction, to mention a few.

One of the largest concerns surrounding nano-technology is that, as it is so newly emerging, there has been limited research conducted about how can affect the human body, particularly in the form of skincare. The danger is that since the nanoparticles are so minute, they may penetrate the skin’s surface in ways that they could not in larger form and cause potential damage to the body once inside. Scientists also speculate that the particles could remain within the system and build up over time, having a compounding effect on the body.

These concerns haven’t been enough to stop some beauty and cosmetics giants from investing heavily in nanotechnology, however, with one multi-national corporation investing around 600 million US dollars into so-called ‘nano-patents’.

Nano-technology is also proving to be a double-edged sword for the environment, too. There are concerns that the microscopic particles may be absorbed into natural habitats in the same way they absorb into the human body, raising issues about how this may affect waterways, animal habitats and other existing eco-systems. It’s worth knowing, however, that there are instances where the science is undeniably being used to attempt to benefit the environment. For instance, research currently being undertaken in Europe indicates that incorporating nano-technology into vehicle manufacturing could help make diesel exhausts more efficient, and therefore less of a pollutant to the planet.

Due to the emerging nature of the industry, and the unknown consequences upon the environment and the human body, Aú Natural Skinfood is choosing to stay aware of nano-technology until more is known about it. If it’s an area of concern for you, make sure you’re aware of which brands are embracing it, and where it might present within your skincare and cosmetics.